Gentry    Studios


Meet the Team!

The people behind it all.

Christian Gentry - Director, Writer, and Founder of Gentry Studios

Currently residing in his scenic basement-bedroom, Christian Gentry has made film making his ultimate passion. Over the years, Christian has made hundreds of videos, and several on-going short films and animations. He helped create the company Gentry Studios just over two years ago.

Boyd Gentry - Producer, Co-writer, Head of Short Documentaries

From helping provide equipment to producing short documentaries, Boyd is the father of Christian who helps assist with writing the scripts. He also helps lead in the short documentaries. He also co-founded Gentry9Films.

Cooper Gentry - Actor, Assistant Cameraman

One of our best talented actors(no kidding, he's pretty good). Cooper is the goofy nut addict in Intervention.

Dylan Gentry - Actor

Our most recent member of the team, our cousin has some crazy acting skills! He's the spokesman in the new Phil video! 

Cole Petersen - Actor, Assistant Cameraman

Although his favorite hobby is sports, Cole enjoys making videos once in a while, as well as operating what he calls the "sick cameras".